Data Solutions

We can provide you with virtually any level of data management solutions. Analysis of your business needs, development of a custom database and user interface, integration with other internet and intranet applications, data reporting and analysis tools - we can help your business perform more efficiently and achieve better results.

The Web is the most effective way to connect with customers, partners, and employees. It enables organizations to communicate information about products and services, drive business relationships, and make knowledge workers more productive.

Your website is often a visitor's first and sometimes only exposure to your company or organization. If the information is incomplete, out-of-date, or just plain boring, visitors may go to a competitor's website. The challenge is how to effectively manage websites, extranets and intranets to ensure content is always up-to-date, accurate and accessible - and supports your business strategies.

Afraid that your technical skills are not enough to meet this challenge? Do not worry - we can provide full support, including necessary training courses. Sabai can also design Web Content Management systems for you, to enable your non-technical staff to easily maintain/update your websites and/or databases from within a familiar web browser- or Windows-like interface.

Hardly any business can nowadays be on top of the competition without a comprehensive data management system. Data analysis, decision making, reporting, information sharing - all this can be made a lot easier, faster and more efficient with the help of a custom-built database solution.

We are ready to help you navigate the world of databases and data management & analysis:



  • Database design and development

  • User interface design and implementation

  • Web Content Management systems
    (enable your non-technical staff to design,
    maintain and update your organization's website
    from within a web browser)

  • Document Management systems

  • Internet, intranet and extranet applications (web applications)

  • E-commerce database applications

  • Data entry and validation applications

  • Data reporting and analysis applications





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