Hardly any office can function nowadays without an integrated network of one kind or another. Shared access to data on LAN, WLAN or Internet, efficient use of peripheral hardware and user flexibility - these are just a few advantages that networking your office computers can give you.

We can provide customized network solutions and support for your business:

  • Network needs analysis

  • Local area networking

  • Wireless networking

  • Internet connectivity

  • Network hardware/software solutions

  • File sharing

  • Printer sharing

  • Network upgrades

  • PC/LAN troubleshooting

  • Network backup & maintenance

From 2 computers to 200, networking increases productivity by sharing information and resources. Networking and e-commerce can boost your business into the new millennium.

Reviewing and analysis of your systems will enable you to make a clear decision on updating or upgrading your systems. Sabai offers experience in home and office networking, LAN, WLAN and networking multiple locations.

From initial situation analysis, to devising a network plan, to procuring necessary equipment, to installation & post-purchase support: has the capacity, knowledge and experience to provide support for all of your networking needs.





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